First Dose

Second Dose

Third Dose

Test your memory with Bajaj 3 Dose Memory Game. The card matching game for pulsar is a memory game, where players have to match the cards that are spread out in a grid. The entire gameplay revolves around the players being able to remember which card they have already seen along with their position in the grid. The game is divided into 3 stages to match the structure of the 3 doses marketing campaign; each stage will have 15 levels with each level introducing bigger grids and newer failing conditions, while also awarding more points/ score for completing the level.

The game will also include an achievement bar that is updated with the scores of the player which unlocks boosters as rewards so that players can stand to get more points/score.

The game becomes competitive with achievement level and the eligibility for the weekly lucky draw.

Pick a Stage & Level
Click on cards to flip it
Match the cards by remembering their position
Use boosters if the level becomes too hard