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Nepal’s favourite bike Pulsar is here with an amazing game, “Pulsar Paintball Treasure Hunt”. Fun item hunting experience where you can find items using your own paintball gun. The gameplay works with an impending countdown which suggests the players to hurry up in locating the items in the scene. The players can shoot a paintball at the item they guessed is the item in their objective. The game ends when the player either finds all the items in his objective or when they exhaust all their guesses or when the countdown ends.

Can you find the hidden items?

Find these items

Find the items listed below scattered across the scene, the timer will track your progress throughout the stage. GOOD LUCK!

Pick a stage and a difficulty level
Find the items listed in limited time and shots
Get Scored for your Playthrough
Check Leaderboard for your Standing
Sno Name Overall Score
1 Shreeya Pradhananga 9982
2 Rabina Sipai 9870
3 Tulsi Ram 9845
4 Dilip Shrestha 9699
5 Rohin Awale 8995
6 Shrestha Sulochana 8809
7 Eerika 8454
8 Krishna Hari Prajapati 8264
9 Prashish Maharjan 8158
10 Rabu Ranjit 7862