Gameplay Rule

  • To play a level, a bar from your fuel tank will be used up.
  • There are two Game Mechanics:
    • Match 2 cards and get 10 points.
    • Match 3 cards and get 20 points.
  • The level ends when you match all the cards, or run out of clicks, or run out of time.
  • Your fuel tank will be filled with a fuel bar every 20 minutes.
  • You can replay any level as many times as your fuel tank allows.

Each card matched gives you points which will add to your total score. Each level has a set of cards which you can match to get the highest point.

Trivia Rule

  • Each trivia contains 3 questions. Answer all 3 correctly to get the booster. If you fail to answer any one or answer incorrectly, the booster will not be awarded.
  • You can only play the trivia once per day

Booster Usage

3 booster cards are available to you which you can use to ease the levels.

  • Click booster: adds 10 clicks to your remaining clicks.
  • Time add booster: adds 20 seconds to the countdown.
  • Refuel: Refuels your Fuel tank.

Winner Selection

  • The Winners will be selected for every 5 levels, ie 1-5, 6-10 and so on, of every stage every week.